For the safety of our customers and ourselves, and with a heavy heart, we have taken the difficult decision to close the shop to customers,

We hope we will be able to re-open soon and continue serving our community as we have for many years.



  1. Dear Anna and Amanda
    I think in these circumstances it is entirely understandable that at present you have to shut up shop.
    Please cancel my Church Times until further notice rather than having a big pile up of Church times, when the Shop eventually reopens.
    I can manage without the Church Times at present, I think it is more important at present to pray that fill my mind with a lot of information and news.
    With thanks for all your good service.
    Keeping you both and your families in my ongoing thoughts and prayers

    • CornerCleodie91

      Dear Jonathan,
      I have cancelled your Church times subscription. We shall see you when this is all over.
      Best wishes,

  2. Dear Anna and Amanda,
    When I passed the shop last Saturday, a sign mentioned that you could still take orders for books. Is that still the case? And if so, what are the arrangements for delivery or collection?
    Many thanks and best wishes,

    • CornerCleodie91

      Hi Ben,
      Unfortunately we are no longer able to do that. With the church and grounds closed up we are unable to accept deliveries so have had to completely close.
      We will be back as soon as possible.
      Best wishes,

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