'Edge of Words' by Rowan Williams

‘The Edge of Words: God and the Habits of Language’

by Rowan Williams                                       9781472910431       £20.00

This book arose from the Gifford Lectures given by Rowan Williams in 2013. In it he reflects on the way we use language and explores how that can affect the possibilities of how we speak about God. He engages with thinkers in a variety of disciplines, from philosophers of religion to experts in the treatment of autism, and also investigates how the use of language in fiction and poetry adds depth to our appreciation through the use of fantasy, metaphor and paradox.

Unbelievable by Graham Ward

‘Unbelievable: Why we believe and why we don’t’

by Graham Ward                              9781780767352                   £20.00

Graham Ward’s new book investigates the question of belief, and how our understanding of it has shifted through the last few decades as neuroscience has developed. In exploring the ‘biology of believing’ Ward considers areas such as cognition, sensation, perception and knowledge. In our increasingly secularised society this approach offers some valuable insight, especially in exploring his argument that secularity is itself a form of belief.


Cornerstone Panorama





We posted a circular version of this photo on Facebook yesterday but thought this panorama of the shop was too good not to share here too!  If you haven’t visited us before it gives you a good idea of how we fit all the books, cards and gifts under our lovely vaulted ceiling.



'Bad Christian's Manifesto' by Davwe Tomlinson

‘The Bad Christian’s Manifesto’

by Dave Tomlinson                         9781444752250                   £13.99

Dave Tomlinson’s previous book, ‘How to be a Bad Christian’ has been very popular with a wide range of people and this new title was anticipated with enthusiasm. Tomlinson takes on many of the standard ideas of God, spirituality and what it means to live well and ‘reinvents’ them. His fresh approach and engaging style make this a refreshing and accessible book on an important subject.

Local Resident on bench

As I was sweeping up the leaves outside the shop this morning I encountered one of our friendly local visitors. He wasn’t coming too close, but he definitely wanted to know if I was planning on feeding him! It was a lovely start to the morning and a great reminder that, although we are so close to the centre of the city, Cornerstone is still, as more than one customer has described it to us, a ‘haven of peace’.

Tree Cards, Algan ArtsThe cards which were delivered yesterday are now priced and on display. It’s great to have a full range of Gail Kelly’s tree cards back in stock, and we have some nice new designs to add to our selection of Lesley Hollingworth’s cards too.

Cards with Bible Texts

Skyline of Edinburgh from St John's

When we were looking for a header picture for our new website I came across this one and thought it was worth sharing. Edinburgh Castle, but not from the usual angle.