'Surprised by Scripture' by Tom  Wright









‘Surprised by Scripture’

by Tom Wright                                   9780281069859                   £12.99

Tom Wright’s latest book has been selling well since it was published a couple of months back.  ‘Surprised by Scripture’ is a collection of his essays, sermons and talks that provides case studies to explore how we can read the Bible and engage with it to discuss some of the important issues that affect all of us today. In raising the topics of faith and politics, the Bible and evolution, climate change and many others, Wright provides an opportunity for all of us to reflect on how our faith can and should impact on the way we live our lives and the choices we make.

Harris and Tweed Harris and Tweed 1

In the absence of having a shop dog, we do welcome visits from our canine friends – especially if they are dry and well behaved!  These lovely Wheaten Scotties came to see us yesterday and made quite an impression.


Christmas Cards 2As the nights draw in, the Christmas cards come out. It does feel early but people have been asking us since July!

We have a range of charity and artists’ cards in stock so why not pop in and take a look.Christmas Cards 1

Charities include Cross Reach, Tearfund, Compassion, Combat Stress and those supported by Museums and Galleries, so lots to choose from.


'The Promise' by Nicola Davies









‘The Promise’

by Nicola Davies & Laura Carlin                 9781406355598       £6.99

This picture book offers a story of transformation that is simply but beautifully told. It would be a shame to spoil it by describing it too fully, but the quote from the back of the book is an appropriate introduction:

“A young thief snatches an old lady’s bag – and is compelled to make a promise … which is the beginning of a journey that will change everything, for ever…”

We seem to have come to the end of the lovely weather, and it’s a dreich afternoon in Edinburgh. However we’ve had some lovely customers to lighten the day, including one who brought us a present…

Tea & Chocolate


Some chocolate and a cup of tea to help with the Friday afternoon paperwork? Thank you very much!