Cloud Devotion: Through the Year with The Cloud of Unknowing


By David G. Robinson

ISBN: 9781640604339


A personal invitation to walk with God through one of the great classics of Christian spirituality. This book of daily devotions is based upon The Cloud of Unknowing. In this edition Robinson sought to remain as true as possible to the voice of this medieval classic.

Cloud Devotion follows the original Middle English text sentence by sentence, with Robinson’s own translation and paraphrase, divided work into 366 small portions, with a Scripture passage related to the theme from each daily reading. “My heart has yearned for this book. I wanted a guide to help me savor and reflect on the spiritual classic The Cloud of Unknowing. David has insightfully discerned how we might do this. The partnership of this unknown, ancient writer and this known, living pastor is masterful. I invite you into the clouds with the slow reading of this book.” -Dr. Mary Kate Morse, author and mentor-professor of formation and leadership

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