Godbothering: Thoughts 2000-2020


By Rhidian Brook

ISBN: 9780281083893


Why bother with God? More to the point, why is God bothering with us? For the past two decades, award-winning novelist and screen writer, Rhidian Brook, has pondered those questions on Radio 4’s Thought for the Day. Over 100 of his Thoughts are now presented here, inviting you to reflect with him on the deeper spiritual dimensions of our lives and times. What is God’s favorite movie? How would Jesus vote? Why do leaders fail? Do you know what matters in life? What is love? Through his reflections on these and many other questions, Rhidian Brook has encouraged millions to think about the underlying truths and values that we need to make sense of our lives in the twenty-first century This absorbing, perceptive and elegantly crafted collection of his Thoughts will enable you to do the same – to think about what you truly value, and how to live it out from day to day.

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