Letters from Nazareth : A Contemplative Journey Home


by Richard Carter

ISBN 9781786224910


In 2018, Richard Carter founded the Nazareth Community.  A dispersed, monastic community, it now has members from all walks of life and from many countries who commit to seven vows to be practiced in their everyday lives – silence, service, scripture, sacrament, sharing, sabbath and ‘staying with’. Each month since its inception, Carter has written a letter to the Community which are gathered here for the first time.  The letters are effectively prayers – full of wisdom and encouragement – offering spiritual guidance to lead the readers home. To be at home with ourselves, with others, and with the God who is our home, is the invitation; then, wherever we find ourselves, we might offer the hospitality and love of God as a home in which others may dwell.  Poet, Ruth Padell, in her commendation writes: “Everyone needs by their side both the knowledge this heartfelt and luminous book keeps providing… and the goodness inherent in it”.  It is a book to be savoured and returned to again and again.

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