The Hour is Come: The Passion in real time


By Andrew Nunn



We have no idea on what day of the week Jesus called his disciples, or when he told the parable of the sower, but the gospel accounts change dramatically when they relate the final days of Jesus’ life, becoming more like 24-hour news channels with constant updates and precise timings. The Hour is Come immerses us in the pace and urgency of the story, bringing alive the experiences of Jesus, his disciples and all the other players in the Passion in ‘real time’. For each stage in this journey, there is a passage of scripture, a reflection and a prayer with suggested times of reading, allowing you to witness the events in the timescale that they occurred.

With more than 70 reflections and prayers spanning Lent to Pentecost, The Hour is Come reveals how Jesus enters the real time of our lives to bring us to his eternity.

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