The Way of Thomas Merton – a prayer journey through Lent


by Thomas Merton



‘This Lenten devotional is unlike any I’ve seen. It’s not about giving up something trivial for a few weeks. It’s about getting free of the “false self” that alienates us from ourselves, each other, and God.

Nobody understood that transformation better than Thomas Merton – and nobody understands Merton better than Robert Inchausti.’Parker J. Palmer, writer, speaker and author of On the Brink of EverythingThe Way of Thomas Merton guides you through the major themes of Merton’s work and shows how his advice can help you to overcome the obstacles that modern life presents for spiritual development. For Merton, the spiritual life is a journey from the false to the true self – a journey that all followers of Jesus must take – and this book will help you to love and nurture your true self as you journey through Lent and beyond.

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