Whisper of Wisdom – reassurance for those living with loss


by Tom Gordon

ISBN: 9781849527699


Bereavement is integral to the human condition. Despite living in a more open society than we’ve ever known, those who are bereaved today find that this apparent openness isn’t translated into the genuine support they seek, leaving many to struggle with loss in isolation and loneliness. Even within families and close friendships, opportunities for bereaved people to be listened to, or to explore issues that are strange and confusing, are not as readily available as they hope or expect.Tom Gordon’s extensive experience over many years of working with bereaved people, both individually and in support groups, gives him a deep understanding of and sensitivity to these issues, as well as providing him with a fund of stories about how people have coped with bereavement, and have overcome and adapted to the changes and challenges of the losses in their lives. In this book, Tom gives a voice to these people, allowing us to be drawn into the world they inhabit, sharing their joys and anxieties, and hearing them speak of learning and normality, painfulness and hope, failures and successes, devastation and adjustment. As ordinary people have found insight and support in the isolation of their losses, Tom believes that their whispers of wisdom are needed to help others who are bereaved know that they too can be understood and supported in their grief.

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